Changes and Guarantees


If you want to make a change, you can do it by the same means that you made the purchase, within 30 days from the date of issue of the ticket or invoice. You must present the ticket (or exchange ticket) and comply with the following:

The product cannot have been used, be in its complete original packaging and in perfect condition and include all its accessories.

If there is a price difference with the product to be changed, it must be paid. If you want to exchange it for a product of lower value, the money will not be refunded for the difference in price, but you will have to choose additional products, in order to have no credit balance.


Changes of products purchased through our website must be managed through our email or if you are from the region you must send through Starken payable to our address Fernando Lazcano 1599, 2nd Floor, San Miguel, Santiago, as long as they comply with the following indications:

The product cannot have been used, be in its complete original packaging and in perfect condition and include all its accessories.

We reserve the right to cancel a purchase when there is a glaring error in price or description.


We are committed to the quality of our products. Even so, there will always be the possibility of errors in the production or quality control processes, which is why if the product you purchased has manufacturing defects, you must go to our store to make use of your guarantee within a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. You must bring your ticket, purchase invoice and/or change ticket.

If you are from the regions, please contact us at for further coordination.

According to the consumer protection law, in case of product failure you have the right to choose between the following options:

  • Free repair of the product.

  • Replacement or change.

  • The return of the money paid.

  • To exercise this right, the causes of product failure must be determined preliminarily. You will not be able to exercise this right when the deterioration is attributable to the client.

According to consumer law, the right to guarantee can be exercised because the product turned out bad or did not meet the characteristics promised in the advertisement, not because you did not like it.

Purchases made at may not exercise the right of withdrawal, in accordance with Art. 3 bis, letter b, Law No. 19496.

Let's keep pedaling!


The beginnings of Rhino Bags are born in our first adventure, newbies, without many implements, but with a lot of energy and desire to try it, we began our trip to Mendoza, Argentina together with our group of friends from @Ciclopatas.cicloturismo. With a lot of creativity, a sewing machine, different materials and after several attempts, we managed to make our first, unique and basic saddlebag model. On the way to our destination, with a busy mind, thinking about the great trip, I thought, why not try it? After all, we were trying to reach a destination, achieving a goal depends on just that, trying. After that great journey we began to incessantly build what we know today as Rhino, without losing our adventurous essence and always trying to be better than yesterday.


We are permanently in search of comfortable, innovative designs and resistant materials that accompany you on all your adventures, with the highest demands to combat all types of weather on your trips. Behind each of our designs there is a story, which is accompanied by our ancestors. The Orlando, Edison, Lila, Ilda and Camilo models, each with their own identity, character and essence that pay homage to each of them and that will not cease to surprise you.