Payment Security


Buying at RHINOBAGS is comfortable, easy and very safe. We work with the highest security standards and all information entered on our site is strictly confidential.

In order to meet security objectives, we have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that ensures both the authenticity of the site and the encryption of all information provided by the user. Every time the user registers on the site and provides personal information, regardless of the geographical location where they are, for the purpose of purchasing a product, the browser through which they execute the act connects to the site through the protocol SSL that certifies that the user is actually within the site and on our servers (which can be seen with the appearance of the HTTPS code in the address bar of the browser, at the top left). In this way, an encryption method is established for the information provided by the user and an internal unique session key. This technology allows the user's personal information, such as his name, address, bank card details and others, to be encrypted at the time of entering it so that it cannot be read when traveling over the Internet. All SSL certificates are created for a particular server, on a specific domain, and for a verified business entity.

SSL certificates protect the personal data of customers, including: address, passwords, bank cards, identity information and purchase history will not be disclosed. This technology also prevents access to information by third parties. You can see a small padlock on the left side of the URL of our site, that means verifying that we have the SSL certificate and that the site is 100% secure.

We only ask you to enter information necessary for the payment and delivery of your purchases.

IMPORTANT: We do not keep any type of information related to your means of payment, including credit cards and debit cards, for any reason, so you can trust us and buy without worries.


We are constantly working to provide you with the largest number of payment methods available. Currently you can pay with Redcompra, Credit Cards and Commercial House Cards, among others.

Let's keep pedaling!


The beginnings of Rhino Bags are born in our first adventure, newbies, without many implements, but with a lot of energy and desire to try it, we began our trip to Mendoza, Argentina together with our group of friends from @Ciclopatas.cicloturismo. With a lot of creativity, a sewing machine, different materials and after several attempts, we managed to make our first, unique and basic saddlebag model. On the way to our destination, with a busy mind, thinking about the great trip, I thought, why not try it? After all, we were trying to reach a destination, achieving a goal depends on just that, trying. After that great journey we began to incessantly build what we know today as Rhino, without losing our adventurous essence and always trying to be better than yesterday.


We are permanently in search of comfortable, innovative designs and resistant materials that accompany you on all your adventures, with the highest demands to combat all types of weather on your trips. Behind each of our designs there is a story, which is accompanied by our ancestors. The Orlando, Edison, Lila, Ilda and Camilo models, each with their own identity, character and essence that pay homage to each of them and that will not cease to surprise you.